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My Focus on Holistic Health


Many of us strive for a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle. Do you want to enjoy glowing with health every day? So, I want to help you on your quest to achieve optimal health and well-being! I am a California-based Diabetes Prevention Coach with years of experience. I want to help you say farewell to feeling disconnected from your health and empower you with the tools to take charge of your own well-being! 

True wellness has many interwoven parts and can’t be gained without also treating your mind and your body as well! That's when a Holistic Approach comes in treating the whole person. 

Healthy eating, exercise and stress-management are the most important building blocks of a healthy lifestyle. I specialize in helping people find manageable ways to alter their diet that can have a dramatic impact on their wellbeing – preventing Diabetes and even reversing it!



Why Work with a Diabetes Prevention Coach?  


  • One-on-one support, encouragement, and guidance to start reaching your health goals fast. 

  • Identify which foods are best for you to prevent or reverse Diabetes.  

  • Learn how to reduce inflammation in your body and feel better quickly. 

  • Learn how to create a healthy and mindful relationship with food. 

  • Learn specific healing steps to improve digestive health and support a healthy gut

  • Learn simple mindfulness tools to reduce stress and create more joy in daily life. 

  • Learn the Step Transformation process to break through old habits and behaviors to create what you really want. 

  • Learn effective ways of creating an exercise routine and making it a priority even if you have a busy schedule. 


Diabetes Prevention Program


3-Month Program to Strengthen your immune system, promote natural weight-loss, reduce stress,  increase your energy and, Prevent Diabetes.

Private Yoga
(One-on-One or Group)


Build muscle strength, improve your posture, flexibility, increase bone density and blood flow. Get your energy to flow through-out your body balancing your Chakras to promote healing.

Reiki Energy Healing Session


Get relieved from Diabetes, Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Fatigue, Headaches, Hypertension, Insomnia, trauma, Emotional Eating Disorders, Gastro-intestinal Disorders,  and more.