Hike and Forest Bathing

Join us for our FREE monthly Hiking and Forest Bathing Group!

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Forest Bathing is the perfect antidote to modern life!

Come disconnect yourself from your busy schedule and reconnect with Mother Earth!

What is Forest Bathing?

Forest Bathing or Shinrin-Yoku:  is a traditional Japanese awareness meditation that has proven to alleviate anxiety, depression, fear and tension in those who practice. Researchers in Japan theorized that exposure to nature could have a restorative effect that might lead to physiological relaxation and immune system recovery. Forest bathing is a transformative and enlightening experience. Walk away feeling a deep sense of inner peace and stillness!​​



The only requirement in attending this event is a willingness to let go of your troubles, fears, worries, and tensions. We also ask that you come prepared by dressing appropriate footwear, and warm layers.

Experience the benefits of Forest Bathing [1]:


- Improved sleep quality

- Decreased stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline

- Suppresses the sympathetic or 'fight or flight' system


- Enhances the parasympathetic or 'rest and recover' system


- Decreased blood pressure

- Improved cardiovascular and metabolic health


- Improved concentration and memory


- Lift Depression


- Improved pain thresholds

- Increased energy

- Boost the Immune System


- Increased anti-cancer protein production


- Helps with weight-loss



How we will start our journey into the Forest:

- We will meet and greet everyone

- Head to the trail

- Set an Intention

- Deep breathing exercise

- Tree hugging

- Continue hiking

- Deep breathing exercise

- Hike back 

- Lunch*, rest and socialize 

- Closing

*Feel free to bring a Healthy snack or lunch to socialize at the end. 

Using all our five senses is part of Forest Bathing!


Source: [1] Shinrin Yoku by Yoshifumi Miyazaki