Swati S.,

Fremont, CA

Elise is a natural-born healer. Her hands are filled with a healing vibration. A session with her is a powerful experience of stress-relief and transformation.


During my Reiki sessions with Elise, I have experienced many sensations of stress reduction. After a session with her I feel “lighter”, more centered with myself and stronger to tackle life’s on-coming situations.


I also feel energized and reaffirmed that I’m exactly where I should be spiritually. 

I would highly recommend Elise for a very meaningful, enlightening, spiritual & calming experience.

"I came to Elisangela for Remote Energy Healing Sessions because I was suffering from Insomnia. I wasn't sure what caused insomnia but I was very nervous, stressed out and anguished. After few Reiki sessions, I started feeling more at ease, relaxed and able to sleep. I feel like I have cured my insomnia and I am now able to let go of worries and  find peace." 

"I had a class with Elise after I had been traveling and not exercising for months. I felt tired, tense and out-of-shape. I needed to get moving again but felt apprehensive about jumping back into high-intensity workouts. Elise tailored the class to my needs; a good mix of invigorating poses with some restorative ones and a gentle pace. Highly recommend!"


N. N.,
San Francisco, CA

Marcia T.,

Sao Paulo - Brazil


S.J., CA

"I was fortunate to have Elise as a personal yoga teacher. She was very helpful in showing the poses and helping my alignment.  The type of yoga she taught me was a specific type but it was very traditional in that it had certain stances and sequences. Though the yoga was different from my usual group gym yoga workouts, which I suppose are more simplified, I know her class challenged me in the sense of movements and stamina. This was good since I needed a workout that was gentle enough but kept me on my toes, sometimes literally. :) She was also good in recognizing when I was tired and readjusting the lesson to my needs."

"After losing my daughter and my mother so close together. I was really, feeling a real sense of suffering pain. I had a little 1 1/2 year old labradoodle who was heaven sent that was helping me through. After my beautiful mother's passing I pushed myself into scheduling a trip to Italy on my daughters birthday, but days before my dog was hit by a car. I just couldn't do it, I was going to cancel my trip. A dear friend urged me for a cleaning. I called after hours a handful of places desperately seeking a quick relief from this muck I didn't want to feel and something to push me forward. Elisangela, gracefully responded and she saw me the same evening. I've never had a reiki session like this, I went in with a sliver of hope. Amen! She gave it to me! She said I had half my chakras blocked, I felt an immediate clarity from the horrible fog I was in. I went in the next morning to have all my chakras opened! I just know everything changed that day, I was able to make that one baby step forward! It has been now 4 months, the trip was heaven sent and I look forward to another session after the shelter in place is lifted. Thank you Elisangela, you are truly blessed and I thank you for sharing your blessings with me!!!!"

Deb. V.,

Mountain View , CA

“Elisangela Young served as a Food Coach during our highly successful Meals For Health program. The program targeted a population with many serious health challenges and severe obesity. At the end of the 30-day schedule, every participant lost significant weight, and 80% got off all medications for diabetes, heart disease, lupus, and other conditions. Elisangela was a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic team member who made a significant contribution to the success of the program. “                               www.earthsave.org

Jeff Nelson,

CEO Meals for Health

Mark F.,

Morgan Hill, CA

"Marvelous experience.

I felt so good, calm, and energized.

I will definitely be back!

Thank you!"


Jenna C.,

San Jose, CA

"Elisangela's yoga lesson was great for my level of yoga. The lesson began with a gentle centering warm-up and flowed nicely and calmly throughout the session. We finished with a reiki savasana healing session. This was a gentle and safe healing experience."

"During my Distant Reiki session with Elisangela I felt my shoulders warming up with energy. It was a good feeling. Now after few sessions I am sleeping so much better and I wake up feeling great." 


Maria D.,
S.P. - Brazil