Yoga & Meditation

Experience the Benefits of Healing The Mind, Body and Spirit!


- I design my Yoga Classes with specific poses that will help you to achieve your goals!


Do you want to build muscles? Increase flexibility? improve bone density? lower blood pressure? normalize blood sugar levels? improve circulation? or all and more?


Yoga Benefits:

- Yoga practice assists the body in building muscle strength, improves posture, flexibility, increases bone density and blood flow while getting the energy to flow through all your body promoting healing to internal organs.


- Yoga practice also assists in moving your energy throughout your body, balancing your chakras which will help you reach your highest potential.


- You will be able to think more clearly and be more focused.


- Chakras when balanced are beneficial in clearing the toxins that get built-up every day and accumulated throughout the years.


- Regular practice may even help reduce your risk for other complications of diabetes, such as heart disease.

As part of the practice I also offer Guided Meditations/Yoga Nidra.


Feel Free to listen to a Guided Meditation for Gratitude on the link below.